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Month Through My Lens: April 2014


A glimpse into my April adventures.
During a visit from my parents, we walked around the town of Bellefonte. Here are some photos from our excursion.
Brunch at home complete with mimosas, fruit, eggs, lox and bagels/toast.
Stayed the night in NYC to visit J’s parents. Street view in the Village on the way to meet my sister and her boyfriend for lunch.
Outside Blue Ribbon Sushi
blue ribbon sushi
Amazing sushi lunch at Blue Ribbon Sushi.
Fun textured wall at the The James Hotel. But what is on the wall…?
the james hotel
I thought I recognized those “tiles.”NYC
My sister and her bf. Love them.
I moustache you a question.
Apples being chopped for the Passover charoset.
Seven Mountains Winery
Some wine tasting at Seven Mountains Wine Cellars.
seven mountains wine cellars
Perfect wine tasting chairs.
The greek
Greek feast at The Greek! Spanikopita, Horiatiki salad, Greek fries, calamari, tzatziki, baba ghanoush, spicy red pepper dip.
Crepes for lunch. Totally legit.


2 thoughts on “Month Through My Lens: April 2014

  1. Beautiful shots. loved the iron railings, the fence and banister on the brownstone steps, the fire escapes.

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