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Month Through My Lens: May 2014

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two coast kitchen
I thought the margarita photo was a good opener for my May installment of Month Through My Lens. We celebrated Cinco de Mayo with some margaritas and crunchy black bean quesadillas. See photo below for the food portion of the meal.
crunchy bean quesadillas
This recipe was posted on, a blog I love. It is from the cookbook Love Your Leftovers by Nick Evans. It is vegetarian, totally filling, delicious, and a perfect match for our Cinco de Mayo margs.
two coast kitchen
View from our deck.
farmers market
Fun fact: did you know I work part time for a bakery? I sell their bread and other baked goods at farmers markets around town. Their bread is amazing. Smelling like bread after work is not a bad thing.
two coast kitchen
The result of working at the market is that sometimes I impulse shop at the market for dinner! The result one night was spinach pasta with Alaskan smoked salmon, cream sauce, parsley, and lemon.
two coast kitchen
My little plant friends I bought at the market. They are now happily living in larger pots on our balcony.
two coast kitchen
Fixings for fresh rolls. Recipe to come soon!
two coast kitchen
When you plan on playing mini golf, but end up hitting balls at the driving range, you golf in a dress. This was my first driving range experience. Loved it.
two coast kitchen
Roasted corn from the oven. I like all the crispy hairs.
Cauliflower couscous
I made another recipe with cauliflower couscous. This one topped with roasted fennel, asparagus, chickpeas, shallots, topped with lemon vinaigrette and fennel fronds.
two coast kitchen
Took a trip to Whipple Dam with some friends. It has a man made beach. I’ll take any form of beach since we are in the middle of Pennsylvania.
two coast kitchen
Whipple Dam.
two coast kitchen
More Whipple Dam. Love the reflections.
two coast kitchen
This mama and her babies crossed right in front of our car. Make way for ducklings!
two coast kitchen
Berry yogurt coffee cake in the works.
two coast kitchen
Not bad for a Trader Joe’s parking lot photo. The sky was too pretty to pass up. Think of the light post as artistic…?
two coast kitchen
By my bus stop on the Penn State campus. After a long day, a purple tree can put a smile on your face.
Hope you had an awesome month. Can’t wait to see what June has in store!


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