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Month Through My Lens: July 2014

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month through my lens
Before I am two months behind, here is a look at what I was up to in July. It involved a lot of beach time.
My family takes a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico every summer. It was full of tacos, huge waves, jet skis, and margaritas. Here are some photos from the trip.
Good representation of our trip. This is only after day 1.
View from our beach.
The southern most tip of California de Baja Sur.
We camped out under these palapas every day.
World Cup viewing party in the clubhouse.
Cactus tostadas.
Walking into town for dinner.
We had our own pool. I wore a swimsuit 90% of the time.
Walking in town.
Even Mexican restaurants are getting on the French Macaron train.
Had a beautiful dinner on the Pacific side at the Capella Hotel on the Pedregal. Amazing seafood ceviche, tuna crudo and a cheese plate. There were also sliders and an epic chocolate plate for dessert.
Our view from dinner at Don Manuel at the Capella Hotel. The sunset was amazing.IMG_8103
Perfect night for our last meal in paradise.

arts fest, state college, pa
When we returned home, State College hosted Arts Fest! Lots of local vendors, artists, and musicians filled the streets of downtown State College for the weekend.
Anyone want to have a cherry pit spitting contest?
Gussied up some instant ramen with chicken, pickled carrots and radish,  cucumber, scallions, and carrot tops.
Came across this sign in NYC. I won’t say no to that…
We packed up our life in State College for our move to New Jersey. J is a master at tetris-ing our moving trucks.
Goodbye apartment. I won’t miss your wall to wall carpeting.
On the road to New Jersey!
We left our mark at a bar in State College. Til next time.

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