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Mini Pies for Pi Day!

mini pies | two coast kitchen
Happy Pi day everyone! For me, I like to view the holiday as Pi(e) day. As there will be many pies baked in honor of today, I thought I would add a couple to the mix. However, instead of doing a sweet pie, I decided to go savory. One is perfect for breakfast, the other perfect for lunch, a snack, or cocktail hour, and to top it off – they are mini! It might be a psychological thing, but I think mini things taste better somehow. Maybe it’s because you get everything in one bite.
mini pies | two coast kitchen
The first is my breakfast ham and egg mini pie. Yes it’s kind of like a mini quiche, but today, it’s a mini breakfast pie. Super quick to throw together, with no pre-cooking required.
mini pies | two coast kitchen
Next is a spin on a spinach pie mixed with a spanikopita. This little bite really hits the spot, and it’s a healthier pie because… KALE!! These will also be a good party snack for St. Patrick’s Day.
Look at how little 6 cups of kale cooks down to!
mini pies | two coast kitchen
I also used store-bought pie crust dough as a shortcut. By all means make your own pie dough, but today was not one of those days for me. I used a circular cutter that was larger than the mini muffin tins so there would be enough for the sides. Or you can cut out the dough with a sharp knife.
Remember to poke holes in the bottom of your pie dough with a fork!
mini pies | two coast kitchen
I used some extra pie dough and these cute little cookie cutters I got from my parents (thanks!) to cut out little shapes to put on the kale/feta pies. Continue reading


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Maple-Soy Roasted Almonds & Cashews

Maple-Soy Roasted Nuts | two coast kitchen
While settling into the couch on this rainy afternoon to peruse some food blogs, I came across this quick and easy recipe for roasted almonds. With all the ingredients already in my pantry, I thought this would be the perfect snack for some college football watching that was about to ensue (go Huskies!!).
A 4-5 ingredient recipe (depends on how many kinds of nuts you use).
maple-soy roasted nuts
Round 1 roast. The original recipe calls for just almonds, but since J is allergic to almonds, I also did some cashews but kept them separate and mixed the nuts in separate bowls.
After the 5-7 minute roast, mix with sauce, roast again. Continue reading