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Month(s) Through My Lens: August & September

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month through my lens | two coast kitchen
I’m doing double duty with this post today since I have been a little belated with my Month Through My Lens posts and showing you two months!
Above is a photo from lunch out on Long Island. We sat right on the dock on a beautiful sunny day.
two coast kitchen
At this lunch I had the largest lobster roll ever. I would say this is more of a lobster sandwich since it was on ciabatta, but still delicious and full of tons of lobster.
two coast kitchen
This was the view leaving my last farmers market in State College.
two coast kitchen
Awesome views driving from Pennsylvania to New Jersey.
two coast kitchen
A good way to start the morning.
two coast kitchen
Went into NYC and checked one thing off my bucket list.
two coast kitchen
Perfect day for a Brooklyn Bridge walk.
two coast kitchen
More bridge.
IMG_2873two coast kitchen
Scenes from the Union Square Farmers Market.
two coast kitchen
These tomatoes turned into our lunch with some fresh mozzarella, sourdough bread, and basil.
two coast kitchen
We also caught a Mets game. Awesome stadium. Unfortunately they lost.
two coast kitchen
We went to the Rutgers vs. Navy football game in Annapolis, MD. Before the game, all the midshipmen assembled on the field to welcome Rutgers and do a cheer for Navy.
two coast kitchen
Found a new item at the farmers market – ground cherries. They look like mini tomatillos with paper skin around them, have the texture of cherry tomatoes, but taste a little sweet with a slight grapefruit flavor. I just ate them plain, they were so good as a snack.
two coast kitchen
I love the face this guy is making. It’s almost like he is smiling for the camera! This is from our trip to Asltede Farms which you can read about here.
Hope you had wonderful August and Septembers as well!

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