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I’m back!

Hello everyone! I’m back! Don’t worry – I didn’t forget about you. I took a break from blogging (longer than I’d like to admit) as life things started to pile up. Things happened while I was away! We moved – again! I know, every time we move somewhere I tell myself “we will be here for a good chunk of time.” But then something happens that steers us in a different direction, and we’re buying more moving boxes.

This time, we stayed in the same state (NJ) but moved a bit more North because I got a new job! And this job happens to be in New York City! I have to admit I never would have thought I’d work in NYC, but now I’m one of those Jersey commuters with a drawer full of shoes at my office so I can wear my sneakers during my commute. The job is wonderful, and a big transition from what I was doing previously. One of my favorite things about the job (besides a kick ass team of people I work with) is the company deals with food! So I get to think and talk about food for my job! I can’t use enough exclamation points! I’m really lucky to have found such a great opportunity to transition from working at various universities to a field that I hadn’t dipped my toes in yet.

J and I have had a lot of amazing adventures since my last post. We’ve traveled a lot, cooked a lot, explored our new town, and had some great dance parties at quite a few weddings. I’ll be sharing some of these adventures by doing some catch up with a few back-in-time “Month Through My Lens” posts soon.

Due to my new job (and commute), I have less time to spend in the kitchen. While I may not post as frequently as I had previously, my goal is to keep the time in between posts much shorter. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this NYC rooftop shot.

NYC sky


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Month(s) Through My Lens: August & September

month through my lens | two coast kitchen
I’m doing double duty with this post today since I have been a little belated with my Month Through My Lens posts and showing you two months!
Above is a photo from lunch out on Long Island. We sat right on the dock on a beautiful sunny day.
two coast kitchen
At this lunch I had the largest lobster roll ever. I would say this is more of a lobster sandwich since it was on ciabatta, but still delicious and full of tons of lobster.
two coast kitchen
This was the view leaving my last farmers market in State College.
two coast kitchen
Awesome views driving from Pennsylvania to New Jersey.
two coast kitchen
A good way to start the morning.
two coast kitchen
Went into NYC and checked one thing off my bucket list.
two coast kitchen
Perfect day for a Brooklyn Bridge walk. Continue reading

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Dinner at Má Pêche

ma peche
Over Labor Day weekend, J’s brother came into NYC for a visit. We went into the city to go out to dinner. The criteria for dinner was something J’s brother couldn’t get where he lives. Má Pêche, a restaurant in the Momofuku family by David Chang was the lucky winner. The Má Pêche experience is includes dim sum dishes coming around on carts to compliment the chefs specials of the day. I took photos during the meal, and to go with the restaurants name, all the photos came out very peachy-orange. While these photos do not do the meal justice, we had an amazing time and really enjoyed all the dishes we had.
We started off the meal at the bar with wine and cocktails. My lemon peel looks like lips.
We were seated at a long communal table. We lucked out and got seated at the end. The plus of a party of three. The family at the end had a very tired diner.
We started off with pork buns with pickled cucumbers. I could have had three or four of these.
One of the best things we had was this buttered corn. It was served with grains, little pumpernickel croutons, and fresh horseradish. Continue reading