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Dinner at Má Pêche

ma peche
Over Labor Day weekend, J’s brother came into NYC for a visit. We went into the city to go out to dinner. The criteria for dinner was something J’s brother couldn’t get where he lives. Má Pêche, a restaurant in the Momofuku family by David Chang was the lucky winner. The Má Pêche experience is includes dim sum dishes coming around on carts to compliment the chefs specials of the day. I took photos during the meal, and to go with the restaurants name, all the photos came out very peachy-orange. While these photos do not do the meal justice, we had an amazing time and really enjoyed all the dishes we had.
We started off the meal at the bar with wine and cocktails. My lemon peel looks like lips.
We were seated at a long communal table. We lucked out and got seated at the end. The plus of a party of three. The family at the end had a very tired diner.
We started off with pork buns with pickled cucumbers. I could have had three or four of these.
One of the best things we had was this buttered corn. It was served with grains, little pumpernickel croutons, and fresh horseradish. Continue reading